Fees and Charges

Translation JPN to ENG: 13 to 16 JPY/character
ENG to JPN: 18 JPY/word
RU to JPN: 10 JPY/word
Proofreading 10 to 16 JPY/word
Correcting grammatical errors, editing and/or rewriting texts written in English or Japanese. If requested, we can double-check the document so that the output will be further refined.
Delivery Time required before delivery depends on quite a few things, but, as a guide, the amount we can process in one day is 2,000 words in English (to Japanese) or 3,000 characters in Japanese (to English).
Express charge The fees for translation will have a 30% extra if:

  • same-day delivery (not applicable for documents with fewer than 300 words/characters)
  • large volumes in a tight schedule (considerably more than the daily capacity as shown above)
  • urgent requests (of more than 1,200 JP characters or 1,000 EN words) that need prioritizing over already-assigned projects
Extra charges Transcription of scanned, nonconvertible pdf documents, image files, etc. and arranging the document design/layout or similar time-consuming tasks will be charged according to the rates below.
Page layout Microsoft WORD 2,500 JPY/project
PowerPoint 350 JPY/slide
Other 2,500 JPY/hour
Literary translation Please inquire.
Business interpreting (EN-JP) 20,000 JPY for 3-hour session | 35,000 JPY for a full-day session (up to 6 hours)

*Travel and other expenses are not included

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