Katsuyoshi Nishi

西 一嘉
Katsuyoshi Nishi
I was fortunate to have become aware of different cultures and languages in my childhood, and here I am following my childhood dream of mastering the art of communication…

The studies in philosophy and sociology have given me diverse perspectives on society and human life in general, which are crucial when reading texts to understand the world behind the letters.

My Ph.D. is in Sociology of Health and Illness, and M.A. in Philosophy covered some ontology, epistemology and the philosophy of language.
Other credentials include a certificate of practical english (Japan) top grade and Grade 1 of English-Japanese literary translation certification

So, I aspire to become a literary translator…

Many things cross my mind when thinking about languages, people and how the world goes round. I am learning French at the moment. It opened up a whole new world to me as I discover more people, lives and cultures in the French-speaking quarter of the world. It makes me realise there is much more to discover in the world.



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